Monday, October 27, 2008

Voting and Cash-Monies...

I can vote!!!
I thought that i was not registered and that i wouldn't be able to vote... because the mailers I received said that i wasn't. I was praying last week and i was like... "God, could you just make it work for me and send me a ballot?" I really wanted to vote in this election... just because it is what it is.

Then... today i got my mail and it was a sample ballot and it had my polling place on it. I am registered. So i sent in for my absentee ballot. FREAKIN' AWESOME.

Plus. I need cash-monies to go on that Senior Cruise. So i need to ask my parents. 
But at the same time... I am not sure if i want to spend $375 on it. :/

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ok... perhaps a thought?

Well, lets talk about the election for a second. its late and i am not really thinking clearly because i am tired... so this will be confusing and vague.

So, for one. Let's talk about how i registered to Vote at the DMV in June when i had to go get my driver's license replaced. So i was stoked because i had waited like almost 3 years to register... and yeah... finally a part of the election process!!

Anyways... so i sent in for an absentee ballot and had some old lady help me at the democratic headquarters in Irvine. I waited like 3 weeks for it to come and it didn't. Finally, last week i get my official election mail and i open it up and there is a slip of paper that says that I am not registered to Vote and that they had just sent me a new registration application... which was due in the mail by 5pm on the 20th. It was the 21st.

So i am not voting this year.

Anyways... i just have to say that i don't always get Christians and their voting.

I am going to preface this by saying that i know nearly nothing about each candidate and i know a number of people who would be ashamed of me for saying this... but whatever. If you asked me for a conversation about this mess, it would be impossible to hide.

But seriously, the only thing I do know is that one side is pro-life and pro-"sanctity of marriage" and the other is not.  But that is kind of my point... This knowledge is not something i have necessarily gained from Vanguard or church, but from watching other christians... the church at large.

What i am trying to say is that, like in all of the issues that people are following, it seems like the major swing of Christian voters are these moral issues. Not that that is bad or anything. But sometimes i wonder if people really need to pay attention to other issues.

Like the bandwagoning and the intercession for candidates during debates and the demonizing of people based on their issues is kind of weird. Even just the politically passionate... like i just don't know how people make such bold assumptions about people's character and person-hood based on the media coverage of their campaigns. 

But on the other hand, unborn children are still being aborted and the bible does talk about homosexuality. Not that i am trying to make a point for these issues at the paramount of all sin, but when all is said and done, i wonder if these are important enough to put my vote on.

I don't know much about the election, the candidates, or the issues at hand... and i don't think that there is a "Christian" candidate or a candidate that is truly in "God's corner," but if i had the opportunity to stand in a booth on the 4th (and mind you i would have been completely educated before that moment)... i am not sure i could say that i wouldn't stand there with those issues heavily pressing on my decision.


So. I bought Jack Purcell's today. They are black and white and all leather. Totally different than any others i have seen.

However... this is not the best part.
I definitely got the last pair at Urban Outfitters on craaaaazy sale. 
$29... Originally priced  at $75.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Is having the hardest time trying to figure out this blog thing. 

Which is silly because Lord knows he did not even use these when he did it in high school.

So yeah. 
I now return to being retarded and having a ridiculous time trying to figure this out.