Monday, October 27, 2008

Voting and Cash-Monies...

I can vote!!!
I thought that i was not registered and that i wouldn't be able to vote... because the mailers I received said that i wasn't. I was praying last week and i was like... "God, could you just make it work for me and send me a ballot?" I really wanted to vote in this election... just because it is what it is.

Then... today i got my mail and it was a sample ballot and it had my polling place on it. I am registered. So i sent in for my absentee ballot. FREAKIN' AWESOME.

Plus. I need cash-monies to go on that Senior Cruise. So i need to ask my parents. 
But at the same time... I am not sure if i want to spend $375 on it. :/

1 comment:

Kent said...

...and yet 375 monies is a decent price for a pair of sunglasses? i fail to comprehend...freak.